Middle Georgia
Application for Admission/Reenrollment

All information is required unless otherwise noted.

Parents, please choose your student's courses intentionally and carefully. The Veritas office wants to process your application in a timely manner and have all of your choices clearly shown. Remember, we have limited openings per class and use these numbers to hire teachers and plan for the next school year.

Early Withdrawal Policy - If a student withdraws during the semester, the parents are responsible for the financial obligation of the ENTIRE semester. If parents change class enrollment between July 1 and the start of the school year, parents will be charged a fee of $25 per class change. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Electronic Payment Required - If you are NOT able to make an electronic payment (i.e. credit card or bank draft), please contact veritasmaconfinancial@gmail.com BEFORE proceeding with the application. Registration Fees will be due at the end of the application through PayPal.


Student information

Please provide student's the FULL, LEGAL name.


At which campus will your student be taking Humanities?
At which campus will your student be taking Math?
At which campus will your student be taking Science?

Parent Information

Phone Numbers

Fill in as much as possible (at least one phone number is required)


Have you attended an Open House?

Does your child have any learning differences?
If yes: (Please note that VCS is not equipped to educate students with significant learning issues.)
Has your child been professionally evaluated?

Does your student have access to appropriate research materials?
Does your home have a mentoring family member who has completed academic credit beyond high school?
Discipline Record: Has your child ever received behavioral or academic disciplinary action at school? If yes, please explain:
Has your child ever been dismissed, suspended, or denied readmission from any school for any reason? If yes, please explain:

Veritas Code of Conduct

  1. Honor God, their parents, their instructors, and their fellow students according to biblical principles of conduct.
  2. Act respectfully to all students, teachers, staff, and administration. Disrespect in word and/or actions will be dealt with immediately.
  3. Know and comply with the Veritas dress code that has been established. Failure to comply with the VCS dress code will constitute students being asked to call their parents for appropriate clothes.
  4. Arrive on time and be prepared to participate in class each week.
  5. Students are expected to come prepared for class. The grade for homework not received by class time of the due date will be reduced by 50%. Students will receive a grade of zero for any work not returned by the following week.
  6. If you are absent due to illness or being out of town, please know that it is your responsibility to submit all missed work within two weeks. Work submitted after two weeks will not be accepted, and the student will receive a zero for the assignments. No make-up work will be accepted at the end of the semester.
  7. Be honest and original in all assignments. Plagiarism or cheating of any kind is not tolerated, and students will receive a zero on the assignment.
  8. Cell phones must be turned off during the school day and out of sight. This means students may not use phones at all while on campus. This includes before and after school, during breaks, or at lunch. If a call is necessary, the student will need to receive permission from his/her teacher. In addition to phones, iPods, tablets, smart watches, and electronic toys are also prohibited at Veritas.
  9. Veritas will not permit any student to speak harshly against, slander, bully, cyber bully, or threaten any other student, teacher, administrator, or the institution itself via text, video, or social media. If Veritas becomes aware of such, we will notify parents and take disciplinary action. It is not our intent to police students' electronic social lives, but when other students or parents bring these types of comments to our attention, we will not hesitate to act. The Bible says that in the multitude of words sin is not lacking, but he who restrains his lips is wise (Proverbs 19:10).
Parent, please digitally sign this form. Your child will be asked to sign the Veritas Code of Conduct on his or her first day of class.

I will be diligent in making sure my son or daughter completes all assignments.

Your Full Name Today's Date

Medical Consent

List any allergies including food restrictions or other information the school should know about your child's medical history in case of an emergency OR indicate "not applicable".
What medications does your child take?
In case of emergency, contact:
Parents' statement:
In the event my child becomes ill or is injured while under the supervision of Veritas Classical Schools, I approve the school authorities taking the following steps in the following order:
  1. Contact a parent or legal guardian of the student and follow his or her instruction.
  2. In the event of an emergency when neither parent (or guardian) can be reached immediately, the school authorities are hereby authorized to use their best judgment in contacting a properly licensed physician or in transporting my child to the nearest hospital for consultation and/or treatment. Such transporting may be done by a school authority's vehicle or, if it be deemed wise, by ambulance.
If in the opinion of a properly licensed and practicing physician my child needs medical or surgical services which require my consent being supplied, and I cannot be reached, I hereby authorize, appoint, and empower Veritas School authorities to furnish on my behalf such written or oral consent as may be required.

Furthermore, I release Veritas Classical Schools and its authorities and representatives from any liability which might arise from the giving of such authorization, it being my desire that my child be furnished with such medical or surgical services as soon as possible after the need arises.

Your Full Name Today's Date
The information you provide and this digital signature will be used to generate a medical consent form with the same legal agreement.

Declaration of Intent to Homeschool

Have you filed your "Declaration of Intent to Homeschool" with the State of Georgia?

(Georgia law requires parents or guardians who teach their children at home to submit to the Georgia Department of Education (GADOE) an annual Declaration of Intent form. A Declaration of Intent must be submitted to the Georgia Department of Education within 30 days after establishment of a home study program and by September 1 annually thereafter.)


Note - If your child is transferring from another private or public school, we request that you complete the Transcript Release Form and send it to your current school. This will advise them of your child's withdrawal and prompt them to send his/her records to our office.


Do you have any additional comments concerning your application (such as campus preference, pickup restrictions, etc.)?



If classes are changed between July 1 and the start of the school year, you will be charged a fee of $25 per class change.

Non-refundable Registration Fee is due with this application.

Registration fees for:
  • Humanities, Math and Science: $275
  • Humanities and Math ONLY: $225
  • Humanities and Science ONLY: $225
  • Math and Science ONLY: $100
  • Humanities ONLY: $175
  • Math ONLY: $50
  • Science ONLY: $50
  • Dual Enrollment: additional $50 fee
Registration fees for:
  • Humanities, Math and Science: $325
  • Humanities and Math ONLY: $275
  • Humanities and Science ONLY: $275
  • Math and Science ONLY: $125
  • Humanities ONLY: $225
  • Math ONLY: $75
  • Science ONLY: $75
  • Dual Enrollment: additional $50 fee
Registration fees for:
  • Humanities, Math and Science: $375
  • Humanities and Math ONLY: $325
  • Humanities and Science ONLY: $325
  • Math and Science ONLY: $150
  • Humanities ONLY: $275
  • Math ONLY: $100
  • Science ONLY: $100
  • Dual Enrollment: additional $50 fee

Registration payment must be paid in order to submit your application.

Please note that, while javascript or developer tools (or adding the "paymentReceived" query string) may be used to skip the payment step, we manually verify that each child's application fee has been paid. Exodus 20:15

Your payment has been successfully processed.

Legal Agreement