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At which campus will your student be taking Humanities?
Attention High School Humanities students:
College Prep and Honors courses are offered. Placement will be determined by teacher/parent.
At which campus will your student be taking Math?
At which campus will your student be taking Science?
At which campus will your student be taking High School AP English (for 11th - 12th grade only)?
At which campus will your student be taking High School AP History (for 10th - 12th grade only)?

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Does your child have any learning differences?
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Has your child been professionally evaluated?
Does your student have access to appropriate research materials?
Does your home have a mentoring family member who has completed academic credit beyond high school?
To the best of your knowledge, is the student a follower of Jesus Christ?
Family Church Name:
Student's Academic History: Please give a brief evaluation of the student's academic background and achievement. This must accompany the application if you are a NEW family.
Parent's Faith Testimony: Please provide the story of your faith journey with this application if you are a NEW family.

Dual Enrollment

Will you be dual enrolling with a college?
        College Name (if applicable): 

Medical Consent

List all of the student's allergies or health problems below.
Parents' statement:
In the event my child becomes ill or is injured while under the supervision of Veritas Classical Schools, I approve the school authorities taking the following steps in the following order:
  1. Contact a parent or legal guardian of the student and follow his or her instruction.
  2. In the event of an emergency when neither parent (or guardian) can be reached immediately, the school authorities are hereby authorized to use their best judgment in contacting a properly licensed physician or in transporting my child to the nearest hospital for consultation and/or treatment. Such transporting may be done by a school authority's vehicle or, if it be deemed wise, by ambulance.
If in the opinion of a properly licensed and practicing physician my child needs medical or surgical services which require my consent being supplied, and I cannot be reached, I hereby authorize, appoint, and empower Veritas School authorities to furnish on my behalf such written or oral consent as may be required.
Furthermore, I release Veritas Classical Schools and its authorities and representatives from any liability which might arise from the giving of such authorization, it being my desire that my child be furnished with such medical or surgical services as soon as possible after the need arises.
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The information you provide and this digital signature will be used to generate a medical consent form with the same legal agreement.

Declaration of Intent to Homeschool

Have you filed your "Declaration of Intent to Homeschool" with the State of Georgia?
(Georgia law requires parents or guardians who teach their children at home to submit to the Georgia Department of Education (GADOE) an annual Declaration of Intent form. A Declaration of Intent must be submitted to the Georgia Department of Education within 30 days after establishment of a home study program and by September 1 annually thereafter.)


Note – If your child is transferring from another private or public school, we request that you complete the Transcript Release Form and send it to your current school. This will advise them of your child's withdrawal and prompt them to send his/her records to our office.


Do you have any additional comments concerning your application (such as campus preference)?


Early Withdrawal Policy – If a student withdraws during the semester, the parents are responsible for the financial obligation of the ENTIRE semester.
Non-refundable Registration Fee is due with this application.
Humanities, Math and Science, Grades K-12: $100 registration fee. (If registering after June 1, then registration fee is $150)
Humanities only: $100 registration fee. (If registering after June 1, then registration fee is $150)
Math and Science ONLY with no Humanities: $75 registration fee
Science ONLY: $50 registration fee
Math ONLY: $50 registration fee
Dual Enrollment ONLY: $100 registration fee
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